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Super change-change, 4 kinds of collocation make flat body surprise big change!

Wear a universal rule Strengths and weaknesses

Sometimes see a lot of dress, but wear on themselves always not ideal result, a large part of the reason is associated with body, beauty in the bone is not in the skin, according to their figure to learn through can better find suits own style. Zhou dongyu is a typical representative. ▼ Since wearing clothes should make a long stay, then let's first look at the shortcoming of type I, the shoulders are too small first, and the buttocks are not full, the advantage is that the arms are fine, the legs are fine, the waist is fine. Ok, after that, we're going to learn dry goods.
Avoid oversize tops The i-shaped shoulders are so small and narrow that they can't support oversize clothes, and there will be a child who steals the look and feel of an adult's clothes.
Neckline neckline The shoulder is small appropriate to choose this kind of neck type of neckline, reveal the shoulder sides, have the effect of widen the shoulder on the vision. …

The coolest white item in history, quick to become thin!

Fresh and pleasant white trousers Wearing well can also show the height of thin Recently, sister Kim, Bella, and Gigi have all been wearing all white, wearing a bodice, a short vest, or a simple T-shirt with white pants. It looks very relaxed and comfortable. It's fat, and it's dirty, and it's not easy to wash. But even then, there's nothing to stop hipster wearing white pants on the street, because white pants are refreshing and stylish compared to other pants. Dirty is not good to wash this is better to persuade, but show fat score situation, choose good a product still can appear tall and thin. Long white long trousers: high, hide meat The stripe design has the vertical stretch effect, can show high in the vision, loose wide leg pants can hide the meat, hide a pair of high heels in the pants, where does the white pants still look fat? ▼ Even without the stripe design, choose a relatively soft fabric with high waist-length and wide legs, and the effect of showing the height …

Go on a trip and bring these four pieces of clothing to make sure you have a beautiful picture

Even if the air conditioning wifi and watermelon is the most beautiful summer love, but go out wave a wave more have a good mood! In July, the student party was on vacation, and the travel plan was packed with itineraries And do the babies who have spent most of their years in class have a summer vacation to spend their annual vacation? Haha, no matter when you set out, I will provide a holiday series wardrobe list for the babies today, so I don't need to take too many clothes with me. I have these four pieces, which are absolutely beautiful a crisp white The small white skirt is in the travel collocation always occupy an undefeated place, summer travel a white whole person is relaxed. The combination of condole belt style and small white skirt, undoubtedly is cool and refreshing.
The style of one word shoulder gives out sweet breath ~ High-waist printed wide-leg pants Don't like wearing the dress, also can to the pants, extremely is summer holiday customs printing wide-legged pants r…

Men wear funny clothes and women wear fashionable Polo shirts

Yesterday, when I was making up my clothes at home, I found that my clothes were not enough to wear, and I looked for half a day to bringback the Polo shirt in the bottom of the box! Chiara Ferragni, the universe's first blogger But the polo shirt's death. A simple striped polo shirt,
The perfect interpretation of French style. Put on a red polo shirt and tie up the ponytail Full screen of youthful energy comes to face.
Pure white polo shirts are even more versatile.
Using a silk scarf to tie a low ponytail, success lights up the whole body look. This once-hated fashion item, How to play the new height? "Collocation" First of all, we should pay attention to a few mistakes when we wear polos. Make it look outdated, and avoid it! It's really old fashioned to put a collar on POLO, Unless it's a sport you need to prevent your neck from getting sunburned,
Otherwise, don't wear it like this! The POLO shirt must be put on and off!

Put on the vest and cool a summer

In order to cope with the current hot weather, the baby wearing can also want cool and refreshing And in the summer wardrobe, it's cooler than the short sleeves, but it's the same basics -- sleeveless tops, known as small vests Is it not a serious vest? Many people think that the vest is very casual, only suitable for wearing at home, not suitable for the street
It's a mistake to tell you that, but there are so many different types of vests now. Not only was it out of the street, You can also get the red carpet
The key is to lose two sleeves and the overall cool feeling is upup ~ And the choice of vest is not random, should be corresponding to oneself body shape first should know oneself should choose what kind of vest small turtle neck vest