The Best Mid-Size Gold Hoop Earrings To Buy Now

Hoops earrings go way back. And we aren’t referring to your grandmothers’ (but we bet those are amazing, too). We're talking about centuries back—to around 2600 B.C. when they were the earring of choice for Sumerian women. One thing’s for sure, they have certainly evolved since then. We have seen all sizes fall in and out of trend over the decades, from the larger-thicker versions in the '70s and '80s to the really oversized and skinny designs in the '90s and early 2000s.
Currently, we can’t get the mid-size gold versions off our mind. If you want to make a statement with your hoops, we urge you to turn to twisted or textured versions. If your style is more classic and minimal, try a shiny true-round pair. Whatever look you are going for, one thing is certain: You don’t want to put anything else in your ears.  1. 14K GOLD HOOPS Pair these with a chunky-knit turtleneck.  2. 14K GOLD HOOP EARRINGS Wear these with a low bun for maximum impact. 3. TRUE-ROUND HOOP EARRINGS…

How Facial Yoga Can Make You Look 3 Years Younger

You know that exercise can help keep your body looking healthy and youthful as you age. Now, dermatologists say that a facial exercise regimen can have similar benefits above the neck: Women who followed a 30-minute “facial yoga” routine several times a week appeared nearly three years younger after 20 weeks, according to a research letter published in JAMA Dermatology.

Interest in so-called facial yoga has grown in recent years, largely because of claims that it can “rejuvenate the aging face, presumably by inducing underlying muscle growth,” the authors of the new paper wrote. Until now, however, there have been no published clinical trials to assess whether these types of exercises really can improve appearance of the skin and facial features.

So dermatologists and researchers from Northwestern University teamed up with Gary Sikorski, the creator of Happy Face Yoga, to test his technique out on a small group of middle-aged women who wanted to look younger. The women were between 4…

Every Glam Look from Margot Robbie’s

It feels like we’ve been waiting for decades to see Margot Robbie’s buzzy Tonya Harding biopic I, Tonya. But, as they say, the best things in life are worth waiting for, and we’re willing to say Robbie’s high-fashion press tour is one of those things.

Lucky for us, it’s only just begun. With a full awards season ahead of her, we’re assuming the Australian actress’s covetous style is just going to keep escalating—perhaps she’ll walk the carpet as an Oscar nominee next March … ?

1. SEPTEMBER 8, 2017 Robbie arrived at I, Tonya's Toronto International Film Festival debut in a floral cornflower blue Erdem gown.

2. OCTOBER 8, 2017 Robbie sparkled at the Hamptons Film Festival premiere of I, Tonya in a crystal-encrusted Dior minidress and shimmering platform sandals.

3. NOVEMBER 5, 2017 The actress donned a unique off-the-shoulder Louis Vuitton evening dress at the Hollywood Film Awards in early November.

4. NOVEMBER 27, 2017 Margot arrived at The Gotham Awards in N.Y.C. wearing a sequin…

Finally, 10 Leather Jackets That Aren’t Boring

Everyone loves a leather jacket: men, women, and children. I mean, how could you resist? It's the easiest way to earn a few extra cool points after getting dressed in the morning. Unfortunately, the tried-and-true piece has been replicated by so many brands that sometimes we find ourselves yawning over the closet staple. But that doesn't mean we want to completely give up on the tough-girl vibes of a structured leather jacket.Instead, i'm thinking about new ways to give the essential a little makeover. Think unexpected silhouettes that look like they're from another decade and eye-catching embellishments that deserve to be featured on Instagram. Ahead, you'll find ten options that are guaranteed to standout in a sea of plain black leather jackets.

1. LEATHER LOOK BIKER JACKET WITH 80'S JEWEL EMBELLISHMENT Shake things up with a throwback design that's too good to pass up.

2. EMBELLISHED FAUX LEATHER MOTO JACKET Grab a leather jacket with embellishments—like…

6 Easy Styling Tips That Will Transform Your Winter Wardrobe

There is no middle ground for winter fashion—you’re either covered in glitter and sparkles during the holidays or you’re in some shade of navy, brown, or black post-New Year. There doesn’t seem to be much time to put together peppy and fun outfits.To prevent a style rut from January to March, use the below tips and tricks. They’re quick, often one-step changes that don’t require much thought, but make you look put together and on-trend. 
1. HEAD-TO-TOE COLOR The spring runways of Tibi, Givenchy, and Hermes convinced us that monochrome is bold, chic, and a lot easier to pull off than you think. Wear tailored classics with a fun foldover or bucket bag (depending on your mood). 
2. CHIC NEW BOOTS The new kitten heel style isn't frumpy and will help you avoid icy, snowy slips. 
3. A RAINBOW SWEATER While rainbows are several months away, donning one now will keep you cheery and upbeat. 
4. GOLD CHAINS TO LAYER Mixing your favorite necklaces gives a cool vintage vibe without much effo…

How Often Should You Really Wash Your Bras?

We're all probably guilty of not washing them often enough. An expert shares tips for the best cleaning method and how many bras you should own.
If this was a case for finger pointing, we’d all be directing blame at ourselves for neglecting our most tried-and-true piece of clothing. But frankly, the chatter of conflicting methods creates fuss and ambiguity. To hand wash or toss in the machine? Each wear, weekly, or rarely?
Enter our brassiere expert: Danny Koch, the fourth generation owner of New York City’s Town Shop, a mecca of all things lace, lingerie, and fit for over 125 years. He stepped in to debunk myths and eliminate misconceptions when it comes to laundering our beloved undergarments. Here, it’s about more than hygiene, as proper care can enhance the article’s longevity, thereby improving the wearer’s posture, clothing fit, and over time, the appearance of stretch marks. Ready to upgrade? How often should you really wash your bra? Koch recommends every other wear, or b…

Try This Easy Yoga Workout to Kick-Start Your New Year

Right on schedule, 2018 has arrived and prompted us to reevaluate our exercise regimen and the general state of our lives. But resolutions don't have to be lofty, impossible-to-attain goals that we'll never keep. The New Year is as good a time as any to take a cue from Larry David and hit the reset button on your fitness routine, whether it's finally getting that gym membership or signing up for that boxing class you've been too scared to try. Because we're only three days in, we tapped Sarah Levey, co-founder of Y7, the cult-favorite hip-hop yoga studio in New York and L.A., whose new book, We Flow Hard: The Y7 Guide to Crafting Your Yoga Practice, is out now from Running Press, for an easy sequence to start off on the right (flexible) note. Baby steps.
1. CHILD’S POSE Begin in a child’s pose. Keep your toes together, knees spread wide apart, as your chest melts down between your legs. Your arms will stretch out long in front of you. Take a big breath in and a bi…